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The Small Guys

The smaller range of Oxford Gargoyles make up the Seven Deadly Sins, as portrayed on the Bell Tower of New College, Oxford, England.

Each piece is approximately 5" x 5" x 3", and weighs about 3lb. We are pleased to announce that we are now making our small gargoyles in an outdoor, all weather-proof material called Diamondcrete, and each can be purchased individually for $33.00 (+ S&H) or the special price of $198.00 (+ S&H) for the whole set (see below).

Contact us for information and/or orders.

small anger
small envy
small gluttony

$33.00 (+ S.&H.)

$33.00 (+ S.&H.)

$33.00 (+ S.&H.)

small greed
small lust
small pride

$33.00 (+ S.&H.)

$33.00 (+ S.&H.)

$33.00 (+ S.&H.)

small sloth
the small set of vices

We also offer the entire set of vices
for the price of six!


$33.00 (+ S.&H.)

That's right, all seven for $198.00 (+ S.&H.)



THIS IS {name}.
The original piece can be seen on
the wall of {college} College
in Oxford, England.

(+ S&H)
weight by zip

Contact us for information and/or ordering.

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