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Rack of Berties

a Rack of Berties in various colors

Bertie being made

Bertie being made in clay

Bertie and Reg

Bertie and his big brother Reg the Rude Reg the Rude

Bertie the Belligerent

Bertie's Behind

Bertie's world renowned behind


Approximately half the size of his big brother Reg the Rude, Belligerent Bertie is 10 inches tall, 7 inches wide (from ear-tip to ear-tip), and 6.5 inches deep (from belly button to butt). He weighs in at around 18 lb.

Slightly shy and a little hesitant, Bertie is good with children and pets, and is fully house and garden-trained. Made of solid concrete, Bertie is fine to leave outdoors all year round to protect your plants and amuse your visitors, but is just as happy adorning a mantlepiece or bookshelf as a house troll.

Belligerent Bertie is a great companion in any garden, patio, or even indoors - every home should have a troll!


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Bertie packed and ready...

a blue Bertie all packed and ready to go...


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