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the Celtic Letters


the Glamorganshire Wheel Cross

Nearly half of the stone crosses found in Wales occur in Glamorgan, which was most open to cultural influences from the east. The localized style in Glamorgan is known for the paneled or cartwheel cross-slab. There were three major workshops in Glamorgan; Lllantwit Major, Margam and Methyr Mawr. This wheel cross is from a cross found at St. Crallo's Church, Coychurch, Bridgend, Wales. The wheel cross evolved from the chi-rho symbol which represents the first two letters of Christ in Greek. The knotwork is never-ending binding the soul to the corporal world. In order for the soul to begin its spiritual journey these knots must be broken. Another thought is that since the knotwork is unending, it symbolizes eternal life.



South Glamorgan, Wales

3.5" / 9cm
3.5" /9cm
2lb / 1kg
(+ S&H)

St. Crallo's Church Artist's rendition of St. Crallo's Church, Llangrallo (Coychurch), South Glamorganshire, Wales