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the Celtic Letters


the Coychurch Cross

There were several workshops at various important monasteries in Wales. One of them was at Glamorgan.The workshop at Glamorgan produced Celtic Cross stones, known as the “panelled” or “cartwheel” slabs, which were made from the late 9th Century until the 11th Century.
The Coychurch Cross employs two separate styles of Celtic design, the wheel cross and knot work. The head of the cross in the form of the wheel cross originated not from the crucifixion cross but from the Chi-Rho monogram representing Christ. The letter X (chi) and P (rho), the first two letters of Christ in Greek, were one over the other. After centuries this symbol came to be enclosed in a circle. The interlacing which fills the shaft is endless, and thus cannot be untied. It represents everlasting life - the Alpha and Omega - beginning and end in an eternal circle.


Glamorganshire, Wales

6" / 15cm
3.5" /9cm
2lb / 1kg
(+ S&H)

the original Coychurch Cross

the original Coychurch Cross, St. Crallo's Church, Llangrallo (Coychurch), Wales

diagram of the original