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the Ellerburn Cross

The Ellerburn Cross is similar to many small crosses that are found on top of older standing stone pillars found in the centers of villages or where roads cross. These stone pillars, from very early times, were erected at cross roads, which became meeting places and in time became market towns. The pillar symbolized the world axis, the link between heaven and earth. On top there was usually a sphere shape representing the sun or heaven. As Christianity spread, the sphere shape was replaced with a cross. The cross has knot work, which is unending, said to represent everlasting life. The boss (raised center) symbolizes God with all things revolving around Him. The three spirals inside the center is the trinity.



St Hilda's Church, Ellerburn,
North Yorkshire,

5" / 13cm
4" /10cm
2lb / 1kg
(+ S&H)

the original Ellerburn Cross
the original Ellerburn Cross

St. Hilda's Church

St. Hilda's Church, Ellerburn, North Yorkshire, England