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The Garden Chess Sets

Made of solid concrete, our garden chess sets are completely weatherproof for all seasons.

The original set, pictured on the right, is priced at $800 - ($32 per piece for the chess pieces, $18 per pawn, plus the 64 tiles free with full set), and can be ordered in any variety of white, black, red, or green as shown below. (Please note we can no longer reproduce the charcoal and chalk colors in the photograph as we now pour in a much tougher material.)

The tiles are 7 inches square, so the entire board has a footprint of 5' by 5' with "grouting".

colour swatches

In addition, we are most excited by our new lawn set we are currently sculpting and moulding, based on the Twelfth Century Viking chess pieces discovered off the coast of Scotland on the Isle of Lewis in 1831. Pictured below are some shots of the clay originals we have sculpted so far, and we expect to be in production with the entire set by the end of April. We are provisionally pricing the entire set at $1,000 (with tiles), and will be offering the same color choices as with the original set above.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions (or orders) via email or phone (845 469 6694).

the chess set
the King profile
the King
the King
the King back
the Bishop
the Bishop

the Pawn

the Pawn

the Warder
the Warder (Rook)
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