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The Celtic Cross

Nigel Pennick

From the back cover:-
The Celtic Cross combines a fascinating and informative text with the author's beautifully detailed line drawings and photographs to present an historical overview of the emblem acknowledged throughout the world as the symbol of Celtic Christianity.

The book traces the rich diversity of the Celtic Cross through its historical background and predecessors, by way of the evolution and development of Celtic Christianity, and through to its influence on the formal pattern of Celtic art. In addition Nigel Pennick provides a comprehensive gazetteer covering sites in Britain, Ireland, and Brittany in France as a guide for those who wish to celebrate the cross as a continuing manifestation of the finest traditions of Celtic art.

The Celtic World:
An Illustrated History
700 B.C. to the Present

Patrick Lavin

Hardcover; 190 pages (1999)

From the Back Cover:-
From the valleys of Bronze Age Urnfielders to the works of 20th century Irish-American literary greats Mary Higgins Clark and Seamus Heaney, Patrick Lavin leads the reader on an entertaining and informative journey through 182 captivating pages of Celtic history, culture, and tradition, including 50 illustrations and maps. This concise yet insightful survey of Celtic history is a handy reference guide for a variety of readers - young scholars, travelers, and those simply interested in Celtic heritage.

Patrick Lavin was born in County Roscommon, Ireland. He is a graduate of California State University (Northridge), and is retired from service with the United States Government. An avid history enthusiast, he spends his retirement years researching Celtic and Irish history and writing nonfiction books and articles. His works include Thank You Ireland (co-author) and Celtic Ireland: Roots and Routes. He currently resides in Tucson, Arizona.

The Celts:
Uncovering the Mythic and Historic Origins of Western Culture

Jean Markale

Paperback - 320 pages
Reissue edition (March 1993) Inner Traditions Intl Ltd

From the Back Cover:-
A cornerstone of Western Civilization and the major source of its social, political, and literary values, Celtic civilization occupied the whole of western Europe for more than a milennium and, unlike the Middle Eastern forerunners of the Greco-Roman world, is still alive today. Historians have tended to accord the Celts a place of minor significance in comparison to the Romans when, in fact, the shamanic, mythical, and spiritual traditions of the Western world have their roots in Celtic culture. Regarding myth as an indispensable branch of history, Markale has thoroughly explored Celtic mythology to reveal the culture that gave rise to it. The Celts, one of the most comprehensive treatments of this subject ever written, firmly aligns the Celtic peoples as the primary European precursor to Greco-Roman sovereignty, restoring Celtic culture to its true importance in the development of European civilization. The new historical vision that emerges is both convincing and exciting.

Poet, philosopher, historian, and storyteller, Jean Markale has spent a lifetime researching Celtic civilizations. He is the author of numerous books on pre-Christian peoples, including Women of the Celts. In his works, Markale combines the poetic and philosophical with the scholarly to offer an alternative approach to the Celtic legacy.

Celtic and other Stone Heads

Sidney Jackson


Celtic Gods, Celtic Goddesses

R.J. Stewart

"Many of the beliefs and customs of the ancient Celts persist even today in Western culture. They survive in curious and often surprising ways within folk traditions. In Celtic Gods, Celtic Goddesses, Bob Stewart takes a penetrating and detailed look at the mythology, magic, and religion of the Celts and examines their enduring strengths and their continued relevance. His examination of the complex and fluid relationship between the gods as people, as symbols of nature and as sacred powers makes this book a fascinating and invaluable source of reference."

The author is a composer and writer. His books include two volumes on the medieval Merlin texts and studies of magical tradition in folklore.

Celtic Art : Symbols & Imagery

Miranda Green


The Celts (Sacred Symbols)

Robert Adkinson (Ed)

The last significant tribal culture in Europe, the Celts are today associated with a particularly rich body of symbolism and mystery. Rituals, omens, and signs were central to their religious beliefs, and were expressed by a variety of beautiful designs and symbols found in Celtic stonework, metalwork, and manuscripts. Includes 78 illustrations, 40 in color.


A Stony Gaze: Investigating Celtic and
other Stone Heads

John Billingsley

An air of mystery has always surrounded the crudely carved stoned heads found at prehistoric sites, on churches and on farmhouses all over the British Isles. Long known as 'Celtic heads', John Billingsley explains why this is a mistaken term as he puts them in a context extending from some of the earliest prehistoric remains to the folk traditions of nineteenth-century and even modern Britain. From the skulls in Celtic sacred sites to the stone heads on farmhouses in West Yorkshire, a common theme can be discerned - the widespread human belief in the head as the seat of the soul, the source of our communication with the Otherworld. This belief has been expressed in an artistic and religious motif of 'tete coupee', or severed head. 'A Stony Gaze' presents the history of the severed head tradition from prehistory to today, and demonstrates where such motifs are likely to be found, and how they are likely to appear.

Divine Hags of the Christian Celts:
An illustrated guide to the Sheelagh Celts

Jack Roberts

Also by Jack Roberts: The Sheela-na-gigs of Britain and Ireland - an illustrated guide (Key Books, c.1995)

Early Celtic Art in Ireland
Eamonn P Kelly

Also by Eamonn P Kelly: Sheela-na-gigs: origins and functions (Country House/National Museum of Ireland, 1996)





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