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The Green Man:
The Archetype of our Oneness with the Earth

William Anderson

Book Description:-
The Green movement and the women's movement have picked up on the scientific Gaia hypothesis, which suggests that the planet Earth is a single living organism. The next stage of the ecological revolution begins with the re-awakening of the male counterpart of the Goddess, the Green Man, and archetype found in folklore and religious art from the earliest times, and especially linked with Christian origins of modern science. Long suppressed, the archetype emerges now to challenge us to heal our relationship with nature.

About the Author:-
William Anderson is a poet and author of books on may subjects including Dante the Maker (1980), which won the International PEN Club Award "The Silver Pen." His other works include a book of poems, The Waking Dream (1983), and a life of the visionary artist Ceil Collins (1988). He writes for Parabola and lectures widely.

The Green Man

Kathleen Basford

"The medieval churches and cathedrals of Western Europe are full of fantastic images. This is the story of one of them - the foliate head, a face or mask with leaves sprouting from it which we, in Britain, nowadays call the Green Man. The Green Man is probably the most common decorative motif of medieval sculpture that has been left to us.... a remarkably adaptable motif: it could be manipulated to fit any space or position where ornament was required."

"This book has opened up new avenues of research, not only into medieval man's understanding of nature, and into conceptions of death, rebirth, and resurrection in the middle ages, but also into our concern today with ecology and our relationship with the green world." - William Anderson, author of Green Man: The Archetype of our Oneness with the Earth.

A Little Book of the Green Man
(Little Books Of...Series)

Mike Harding


(July 1998) 64 pages

From the back cover:-
His face stares down at us enigmatically from the corbels and capitals of churches across Europe. He has been linked to Robin Hood, Pan, the Oak King and the Holly King; he has been seen as a symbol of Life in Death and of Death in Life; he is echoed perhaps in the antics of Jack in the Green who goes before the May Day processions and he is evoked, too, in the leaps of the Morris Dancers of England, the Burry Man of Edinburghna dht eLeaf Men of Switzerland.
Nobody knows his real significance and yet everybody who sees him understands without knowing that he represents something very deep and very important. For such a blatantly Pagan image to have persisted in Christian churches all over Europe surely implies a tremendous power and significance.
In this book there are whisperings and echoes and thought there are no concrete answers there are some paths and avenues that the Green Man might lead you down for he has a story to tell - if only we knew how to listen.

Back flap:-
Mike Harding is a stand-up comic, an actor, playwright, poet, and writer of books on walking in places as far apart as the Hindu Kush and the west of Ireland. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, a half-reasonable cook, a brilliant photographer and a very poor gardener.


The Quest for the
Green Man

John Matthews

Hardcover - 144 pages; (August 2001); Quest Books

From the back cover:-
The Quest for the Green Man takes us on an exciting journey across twenty centuries and through dozens of cultures around the world - all of which have acknowledged, in one form or another, the presence of a mysterious leafy figure that personifies the generative masculine power of the earth.

Folklore expert John Matthews, author of the prize-winning The Winter Solstice (Quest Books 1998), tells the long history of this remarkable being, from his origins in the prehistoric past to his re-emergence in the modern ecological movement.


Tree Wisdom

Jacqueline Memory Paterson

Paperback - 288 pages
(March 1997)
Thorsons Publications

Back Cover:-
Tree Wisdom explores the world of trees through the eyes of the ancients and our eyes of today. Trees existed long before humans and provide a unique holistic insight into our relationship with the land. In this time of increasing ecological awareness trees have become a symbol of our connection with Nature.

Concentrating on the indigenous trees of Britain through the changing seasons of the year, Jacqueline Memory Paterson draws on years of extensive research to tell the story of each individual species of tree. This beautifully illustrated work covers every aspect of tree wisdom, including comprehensive physical descriptions and botanical illustrations; the legends and myths surrounding each tree, its healing powers, both for ourselves and the planet; its artistic and practical uses, its specific inspirational and magical properties; and how each features in the ancient tree alphabet

Jacqueline Memory Paterson has lived most of her life in the West Country, developing her unique understanding through an intense relationship with Nature. She is deeply involved with alternative educative theatre, and as Archdruidess of Glastonbury she has campaigned for the right of people to worship at Stonehenge. She currently holds the Bardic Chair of Avebury.

The Green Man in Britain
Fran Doel, Geoff Doel

Paperback - 128 pages (June 2001)
Tempus Pub Ltd


The Jack-in-the-Green

Roy Judge

The Jack-in-the-Green is another term for the Green Man in Medieval and Elizabethan Britain.


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