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Stringblade String Doll
- gives you the power to jam past the pack.

Handmade in Thailand using one continuous piece of string, each String Doll is 2.25" tall, with a sturdy chain attached to the head.

Click on any of the images to purchase by credit/debit card, or contact us to order by check or M.O.
$10 each

Isabelly String Doll
- shimmies your shyness away.
Bobby Robby String Doll
Bobby Robby
- knows that two heads are better than one.
Bridezilla String Doll
- keeps the monster at bay leading up to your big day.
Circus Freak String Doll
Circus Freak
- whips your social life into shape.
Cupcake String Doll
- reminds you to savor the sweet moments in life.
El Diablo String Doll
El Diablo
- gives you the edge over the competition.
The Enforcer String Doll
The Enforcer
- rights the wrongs that happen in your everyday life.
The Ghost String Doll
The Ghost
- makes sure you never feel invisible.
Irie String Doll
- guides you towards One Love...
Jetty Betty String Doll
Jetty Betty
- takes the fear out of the future.
Kicky String Doll
- will help you develop new moves to achieve your goals.
Love Demon String Doll
Love Demon - mends your broken heart.
Medusa String Doll
- turns annoying people into stone.
Monster Man String Doll
Monster Man
- helps you see the beauty inside the not-so-beautiful.
Olly String Doll
- gives you the basic technique to overcome all obstacles.
Professor Webster String Doll
Professor Webster
- teaches you patience and poise.
Purl String Doll
- makes sure that you never drop a stitch.
Radar String Doll
- makes sure you never lose your sense of direction.
the Scarecrow String Doll
The Scarecrow
- knows that you're sharper than you thunk.
Scratch String Doll
- helps you keep your cool when the heat is on.
Skullboy String Doll
- uses his special powers to put the bullies out of business.
Spartacus String Doll
- reminds you that one person can make the difference.
Stringasaurus String Doll
- helps you survive with just the basics in a material world.
the Vampire String Doll
The Vampire
- protects you from harm when you're out past your bedtime.
Wally String Doll
- lifts the weight off your shoulders.
Winston String Doll
- makes sure you always land on your feet.

Seasonal Dolls - available only by special order out of season:-

Witchy Woman String Doll
Witchy Woman
- helps you get there as fast as witchily possible.
the Grim Reaper String Doll
The Grim Reaper - helps you appreciate the beauty of life each and every day.
Punkin String Doll
- keeps the evil spirits at bay, all the while being sweet as pie.
Elfy String Doll
- makes sure you always have a helping hand when you need it.
Snowflake String Doll
- brings you the beauty of winter without all the shovelling.
Rudy String Doll
- ensures your holidays go off without a hitch.
Nutty String Doll
- helps you survive the holidays without going crackers.
Snowy String Doll
- reminds you that every second counts.
Mrs Claus String Doll Mrs. Claus - encourages you to spread goodwill all year long.
Santy String DollSanty - makes sure that you get what you want all year long.
Please note String Dolls are loved by all ages but have small parts and thus are not suitable for children under the age of 8.



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